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We believe that opportunity is magical.   It only takes one conversation to change the course of someone's life.   Opportunity is what sets apart achievers and non-achievers. Our goal is to give as many children as possible, the opportunity to succeed using the skill sets paired with entrepreneurship.   5 Ways to find B... Read more

Brainstorm with Avva Lemon, Giveaway Contest

Avva Lemon is looking for her next lemonade recipe. Brainstorm with Avva Lemon and send us your best lemonade recipe. We’ll feature your recipe and enter you into our giveaway contest. Winner gets a free entrepreneur coloring book and crayon set! Please send all entries to info@avvasvision.com... Read more
  • Deeper Dive into Avva’s Vision

    When designing our characters, we try to recreate everyday storylines that children can relate to (and more importantly learn from). In the first snippet release of our pilot episode, Avva meets a new friend, James.

    Like thousands of kids across the nation, James is challenged with buying the newest obsession that all of his peers have. Bullying, poverty and inequality issues are always tough topics to address with kids.

    Avva Lemon serves as a leg to prepare kids for real world experiences, through the innocence of making and selling yummy lemonade.

    Join us today and follow our journey!

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  • Avva Lemon Meets James, Animation

    Avva Lemon saw a sad boy, named James, on the bench and flew over right away. James explained to Avva that he’s sad because he doesn’t have any money to buy baseball cards to play with his friends. Avva told James that he could be an entrepreneur and earn money! Learn more about Avva and her entrepreneur superpowers. Join Avva as she teaches James how to be an entrepreneur.

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  • Message From The Authors

    Message From The Authors

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    Avva’s vision is an outlet for youth to learn about leadership, confidence and entrepreneurship.

    Our mission is to empower and inspire children through the influence of creativity and imagination. We promote entrepreneurship through Avva’s content, which includes live events, educational literature and personal development tools.

    Meet Yasmine: Creative Director

    Yasmine graduated from American University with a B.S. degree in accounting. She now works as a Career Development Advisor for a non-profit that trains students how to break into Wall Street.

    Meet Rachel: Chief Illustrator

    Rachel is currently pursuing a B.A. degree in Illustration and Animation. She currently works at Sephora as a makeup artist and spends her free time curating unique and quality content.

    Meet Diedre: Marketing Director

    Diedre is currently pursing a B.A. degree in Marketing in California and pioneers SheeMedia, a rising marketing powerhouse that inspires men and women to be bold and fearless in their life endeavours.

    Meet Ashante: Program Director

    Ashante currently owns and operates Princess Asia’s Collections, a makeup line that encourages self-worth and beauty among young girls.

  • About Avva

    Avva Lemon is the newest and coolest superhero on the block. This fearless superhero uses her powers to teach children around the world how to be entrepreneurs through confidence, leadership and creativity. Avva realized at a young age that she could use her yummy lemonade recipe to teach other kids how to make lemonade stands in their community.  Her famous lemonade is the easiest way to teach kids how to be confident, fearless and creative entrepreneurs. Avva believes that through entrepreneurship, all things are possible. There’s nothing to it, but to do it.



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